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Published on 2019in Nature Neuroscience21.13
Tobias Kaufmann20
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Karolinska Schizophrenia1
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Common risk factors for psychiatric and other brain disorders are likely to converge on biological pathways influencing the development and maintenance of brain structure and function across life. Using structural MRI data from 45,615 individuals aged 3–96 years, we demonstrate distinct patterns of apparent brain aging in several brain disorders and reveal genetic pleiotropy between apparent brain aging in healthy individuals and common brain disorders. Using structural MRI data from 45,615 indi...
Published on Sep 18, 2019
Joan L. Luby36
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Rebecca Tillman23
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Deanna M75
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Importance Few data are available to inform the associations and timing of the associations between adversity, caregiver support, and brain outcomes. Consideration of timing has important public health implications to inform more precise prevention strategies. Objective To evaluate the timing and regional specificity of the association between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and caregiver support to structural development of limbic and striatal brain regions in middle childhood and adolesce...
Published on Sep 12, 2019in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology3.41
Diana J. Whalen14
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Kirsten Gilbert7
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+ 4 AuthorsDeanna M75
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Reductions in positive affect are a salient feature of preschool-onset major depressive disorder. Yet, little is known about the psychophysiological correlates of this blunted positive affect and whether reduced physiological responding to pleasant stimuli may differentiate depressed and healthy young children. 120 four-to-seven year old children with current depression and 63 psychiatrically healthy 4-to-7 year old children completed a simple picture-viewing task of pleasant and neutral picture...
Published on Sep 6, 2019in Journal of Vision2.09
Brian P. Keane15
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(RU: Rutgers University),
Laura Crespo (RU: Rutgers University)+ 7 AuthorsSteven M. Silverstein44
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Published on Sep 1, 2019in Biological Psychiatry11.50
David A.A. Baranger7
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Catherine H. Demers3
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+ 10 AuthorsLindsay M. Squeglia22
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(MUSC: Medical University of South Carolina)
ABSTRACT Background Alcohol use has been reliably associated with smaller subcortical and cortical regional gray matter volumes (GMVs). Whether these associations reflect shared predisposing risk factors and/or causal consequences of alcohol use remains poorly understood. Methods Data came from 3 neuroimaging samples (total n=2,423), spanning childhood/adolescence to middle age, with prospective or family-based data. First, we identified replicable GMV correlates of alcohol use. Next, we used fa...