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Children fitted with hearing aids (HAs) and children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often have marked difficulties concentrating in noisy environments. However, little is known about the underlying neural mechanism of auditory and visual attention deficits in a direct comparison of both groups. The current functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) study was the first to investigate the behavioral performance and neural activation during an auditory and a visual go/nogo ...
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The various speech sounds of a language are obtained by varying the shape and position of the articulators surrounding the vocal tract. Analyzing their variations is crucial for understanding speech production, diagnosing speech disorders and planning therapy. Identifying key anatomical landmarks of these structures on medical images is a pre-requisite for any quantitative analysis and the rising amount of data generated in the field calls for an automatic solution. The challenge lies in the hig...
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This historical review covers the scientific background of the discipline as reflected in documents from antiquity, the Renaissance, the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries and the twentieth century up to present times.
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The chapter reflects the main clinical manifestations of voice disorders, the wide diversity and multiple sociocultural interrelations of which contrast with a consistent systematic order of aetiological or symptomatic categories. Instead, the compilation follows prevailing purposes to provide a useful overview for application in everyday practice. Functional dysphonias, psychosomatic voice dysfunction and singing voice disorders are closely related to each other but nevertheless require individ...
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One of the most significant effects of neural plasticity manifests in the case of sensory deprivation when cortical areas that were originally specialized for the functions of the deprived sense take over the processing of another modality. Vision and audition represent two important senses needed to navigate through space and time. Therefore, the current systematic review discusses the cross-modal behavioral and neural consequences of deafness and blindness by focusing on spatial and temporal p...
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Purpose The purpose of this study was to investigate whether there were indications of restrictions to voice function in our group of gender-diverse people assigned female at birth (GD peopleAFAB) ...
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The various speech sounds of a language are obtained by varying the shape and position of the articulators surrounding the vocal tract. Analyzing their variability is crucial for understanding speech production, diagnosing speech and swallowing disorders and building intuitive applications for rehabilitation. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is currently the most harmless powerful imaging modality used for this purpose. Identifying key anatomical landmarks on it is a pre-requisite for further an...
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Speech communication relies on articulatory and acoustic codes shared between speakers and listeners despite inter-individual differences in morphology and idiosyncratic articulatory strategies. This study addresses the long-standing problem of characterizing and modelling speaker-independent articulatory strategies and inter-speaker articulatory variability. It explores a multi-speaker modelling approach based on two levels: statistically-based linear articulatory models, which capture the spea...
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Abstract The phenomenon of gender incongruence is hypothesized to arise from a discrepant sexual development of the brain and the genitals, contingent on genetic and hormonal mechanisms. We aimed at visualizing transgender identity on a neurobiological level, assuming a higher functional similarity to individuals of the aspired rather than assigned sex. Implementing a gender perception paradigm featuring male and female voice stimuli, behavioral and functional imaging data of transmen were compa...
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