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Abstract Background Hypospadias is a common malformation of the male external genitalia that results in urethral displacement with different levels of severity. Male genital development during the fetal period is dependent on androgen function, while the etiology of hypospadias differs and can be multifactorial. The psychosocial outcome is sometimes affected, but according to several studies acceptable. The question of whether hypospadias is associated with differences in psychosexual developmen...
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Abstract Background Many questions regarding the mechanisms behind sex differences in cognitive abilities are still unanswered. On a group level, men typically outperform women on certain spatial tasks, whereas women perform better on certain tests of memory and verbal ability. The prevailing theories concerning the biological predispositions for these and other differences in behaviour and brain function focus on early and prolonged exposure to sex hormones. There is, however, evidence of direc...
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Functional connectivity across large-scale brain networks alters in older age and changes are often associated with memory decline. Studies assessing hippocampal resting-state functional connectivi ...
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We investigate whether sex differences in academic strengths have an impact on society by affecting the career choices made by women and men. By longitudinally following 167,776 individuals from Sweden, we found that (1) more 16-year old girls than boys had a relative strength in verbal/language school subjects than in technical/numerical ones, whereas more boys than girls had a relative strength in technical/numerical school subjects than in verbal/language ones; (2) when these girls and boys a...
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This research examined whether infants tested longitudinally at 10, 14, and 16 months of age (N = 58) showed evidence of perceptual narrowing based on face gender (better discrimination of female than male faces) and whether changes in caregiving experience longitudinally predicted changes in infants' discrimination of male faces. To test face discrimination, infants participated in familiarization/novelty preference tasks and visual search tasks including female and male faces. At each age of p...