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Background An immune active cancer phenotype typified by a T helper 1 (Th-1) immune response has been associated with increased responsiveness to immunotherapy and favorable prognosis in some but not all cancer types. The reason of this differential prognostic connotation remains unknown. Methods To explore the contextual prognostic value of cancer immune phenotypes, we applied a multimodal pan-cancer analysis among 31 different histologies (9282 patients), encompassing immune and oncogenic tran...
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#2Monserrat Vazquez Rojas (CNRS: Centre national de la recherche scientifique)
Last. François Bertucci (AMU: Aix-Marseille University)H-Index: 32
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Cancer is initiated by somatic mutations in oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes, however additional mutations provide selective advantages to the tumor cells to resist treatment and develop metastases, therefore identification of secondary mutations is of paramount importance. EFA6B (Exchange Factor for ARF6, B) expression is reduced in breast cancer. To study the pro-tumoral impact of the loss of EFA6B we have invalidated its gene in normal human mammary cells. We found that EFA6B knock-out tri...
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The SF-1 transcription factor target gene FATE1 encodes a cancer-testis antigen that has an important role in regulating apoptosis and response to chemotherapy in adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) cells. Autoantibodies directed against FATE1 were previously detected in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. In this study, we investigated the prevalence of circulating anti-FATE1 antibodies in pediatric and adult patients with adrenocortical tumors using three different methods (immunofluorescence, ...
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PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to extensively describe the epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic outcomes of adolescents and young adults (AYA) population with classical Hodgkin Lymphoma (cHL). Then, a comparison between AYAs and adults and between the subgroups of AYAs treated with the same adult protocol was accomplished to further inform on optimal therapy approach of choice for adolescent patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this mono-centric, retrospective study, we reviewed the medic...
#1François Bertucci (AMU: Aix-Marseille University)H-Index: 32
#2Pascal Finetti (AMU: Aix-Marseille University)H-Index: 43
Last. Daniel Birnbaum (AMU: Aix-Marseille University)H-Index: 21
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The genomics-based molecular classifications aim at identifying more homogeneous classes than immunohistochemistry, associated with a more uniform clinical outcome. We conducted an in silico analysis on a meta-dataset including gene expression data from 5342 clinically defined ER+/HER2− breast cancers (BC) and DNA copy number/mutational and proteomic data. We show that the Basal (16%) versus Luminal (74%) subtypes as defined using the 80-gene signature differ in terms of response/vulnerability t...
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Last. Naoto T. Ueno (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)H-Index: 57
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Purpose Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is an aggressive form of breast cancer with elevated metastatic potential, characterized by tumor emboli in dermal and parenchymal lymph vessels. This study has investigated the hypothesis that TGFβ signaling is implicated in the molecular biology of IBC.
#1François Bertucci (AMU: Aix-Marseille University)H-Index: 32
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Last. Steven Van LaereH-Index: 35
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Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is the most pro-metastatic form of breast cancer. Better understanding of its pathophysiology and identification of actionable genetic alterations (AGAs) are crucial to improve systemic treatment. We aimed to define the DNA profiles of IBC vs noninflammatory breast cancer (non-IBC) clinical samples in terms of copy number alterations (CNAs), mutations, and AGAs. We applied targeted next-generation sequencing (tNGS) and array-comparative genomic hybridization (aCG...
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#1Anaïs AulasH-Index: 2
#2Pascal FinettiH-Index: 43
Last. Emilie MamessierH-Index: 20
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BACKGROUND: Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is the major gynecological cause of cancer deaths. Annexin A1 (ANXA1) protein has been implicated in the aggressiveness of several cancer types. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study retrospectively assessed ANXA1 expression in epithelial cells of 156 pre-chemotherapy EOC samples and 34 normal ovarian samples from patients treated at Salah Azaiez Institute. Using immunohistochemistry, ANXA1 expression was compared in normal versus cancer samples; correlati...
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