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Falls and falls related injuries are the major causes of non-fatal injuries in older adults. With recent advances in mathematics, science and technology, many scientists and engineers are devoting their efforts to prevent falls or to diminish the negative health outcomes after falls. In this chapter, we briefly review major engineering approaches to recover or augment the human gait function pre- and post-falls. Given the proliferation of wearable sensors and the availability of computational re...
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The future of biomedical engineering is exciting, and prospects for biomedical engineering journals are rapidly growing. In this editorial, a brief history of Biomedical Engineering Online is outlined, along with our plans for future directions of the journal.
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Graphs are irregular structures that naturally represent the multifaceted data attributes; however, traditional approaches have been established outside signal processing and largely focus on analyzing the underlying graphs rather than signals on graphs. Given the rapidly increasing availability of multisensor and multinode measurements, likely recorded on irregular or ad hoc grids, it would be extremely advantageous to analyze such structured data as "signals on graphs" and thus benefit from th...
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Recent publications have suggested that high-resolution cervical auscultation (HRCA) signals may provide an alternative non-invasive option for swallowing assessment. However, the relationship between hyoid bone displacement, a key component to safe swallowing, and HRCA signals is not thoroughly understood. Therefore, in this work we investigated the hypothesis that a strong relationship exists between hyoid displacement and HRCA signals. Videofuoroscopy data was collected for 129 swallows, simu...
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Semiconductor-enriched single-walled carbon nanotubes (s-SWCNTs) have potential for application as a chemiresistor for the detection of breath compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive compound found in the marijuana plant. Herein we show that chemiresistor devices fabricated from s-SWCNT ink using dielectrophoresis can be incorporated into a hand-held breathalyzer with sensitivity toward THC generated from a bubbler containing analytical standard in ethanol and a he...
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This study aims to characterize traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) neurophysiologically using an intramuscular fine-wire electromyography (EMG) electrode pair. EMG data were collected from an agonist-antagonist pair of tail muscles of Macaca fasicularis, pre- and post-lesion, and for a treatment and control group. The EMG signals were decomposed into multi-resolution subsets using wavelet transforms (WT), then the relative power (RP) was calculated for each individual reconstructed EMG sub-band...
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Hyoid bone movement is an important physiological event during swallowing that contributes to normal swallowing function. In order to determine the adequate hyoid bone movement, clinicians conduct ...
Graph signal processing deals with signals which are observed on an irregular graph domain. While many approaches have been developed in classical graph theory to cluster vertices and segment large graphs in a signal independent way, signal localization based approaches to the analysis of data on graph represent a new research direction which is also a key to big data analytics on graphs. To this end, after an overview of the basic definitions in graphs and graph signals, we present and discuss ...
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Abstract Background Little is known about neural oscillatory dynamics in first-episode psychosis. Pathophysiology of functional connectivity can be measured through network activity of alpha oscillations, reflecting long-range communication between distal brain regions. Methods Resting magnetoencephalographic activity was collected from 31 individuals with first-episode schizophrenia spectrum psychosis and 22 healthy control individuals. Activity was projected to the realistic cortical surface, ...
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