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#1Özgür Yalçınkaya (Dokuz Eylül University)H-Index: 3
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Enterprises are confronted with several project alternatives that they assume to gain revenue in the future, but their own economical resources are limited to carry out all alternatives. Therefore, a decision process arises to prioritize and select among alternatives according to the predetermined goals and criteria to reach the maximum utilization. On the other hand, in project evaluation, the values of project parameters are often assumed to be known with complete certainty. However, project p...
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Under high uncertainty and risky environments, the future estimations related to project proposals cannot be certain and really materialized values. It is inevitable that there exists a deviation or gap between forecasted values and actual values. Thus, project risk level of the proposal should be analyzed in the assessment phase. Simulation based project evaluation approaches enables to make more reliable investment decision since they permits including future uncertainty and risk in analyze pr...
#1Özgür Armaneri (Dokuz Eylül University)H-Index: 2
#2Güzin Özdağoğlu (Dokuz Eylül University)H-Index: 5
Last. Özgür Yalçınkaya (Dokuz Eylül University)H-Index: 3
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In project investment decisions, it is often assumed that estimated values of project parameters are certain and they would not deviate by the time. However, project parameters normally change during a life cycle of the project. Therefore, an existence of a deviation or gap between forecasted values and actual values is inevitable. Because of the uncertainty of the future, forecasting the true and exact values of project parameters is almost impossible. In this study, an integrated decision supp...
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#1Özgür ArmaneriH-Index: 2
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#1Özgür ArmaneriH-Index: 2
Last. Özgür YalçınkayaH-Index: 3
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#1Özgür Armaneri (Dokuz Eylül University)H-Index: 2
Cogu muhendislik alanlarinda oldugu gibi imalat sistemlerinin tasarimi, modeller kullanilarak basarilabilir. Petri aglari imalat sistemlerinin modellenmesi ve analizinde yaygin olarak kullanilmaktadir. Petri aglari, sekilsel ve matematiksel araclar olarak kesikli olay sistemlerinin modellenmesi, bicimsel analizi ve tasarimi icin duzenli, iyi bir ortam saglar. Bu makalede, basit bir makine-iki urun sistemlerinin Petri aglari kullanilarak modellenmesi, simulasyonu ve analizi sunulacaktir. Petri Ag...
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