Graham W. Horgan
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This study examined whether adding a compassion-focused light touch digital intervention into a commercial multicomponent weight management programme improved eating behaviour, self-evaluation and ...
Wearable devices are increasingly prevalent in research environments for the estimation of energy expenditure (EE) and heart rate (HR). The aim of this study was to validate the HR and EE estimates of the Fitbit charge 2 (FC2), and the EE estimates of the Sensewear armband mini (SWA). We recruited 59 healthy adults to participate in walking, running, cycling, sedentary and household tasks. Estimates of HR from the FC2 were compared to a HR chest strap (Polar) and EE to a stationary metabolic car...
Abstract The expansion of the agricultural frontier and recurrent disturbances caused by intensive tillage practices are factors of exposure and degradation of the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. When the soil is uncovered, the rain causes changes in its surface structure enabling the development of crusts. Surface crusting is a major detrimental issue to agriculture, as it damages the soil structure, reducing the water infiltration, thus modifying soil roughness and porosi...
Abstract This study investigated the effect of a three week supplementation of bilberry extract on glucose metabolism. Overweight volunteers (n = 16; BMI 31) were given three capsules of either 0.47 g bilberry extract (36% (w/w) anthocyanins) or placebo per day for three weeks in a double blinded cross over intervention. The ingestion of the bilberry extract decreased the OGTT AUCi for glucose (20%; p = 0.008) but not for insulin compared with the placebo. There was no change in anti-inflammator...
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Introduction Obesity and associated diseases place a severe burden on healthcare systems. Behavioural interventions for weight loss (WL) are successful in the short term but often result in weight regain over time. Self-regulation of eating and activity behaviours may significantly enhance weight loss maintenance (WLM) and may be effectively augmented by contextual behavioural approaches to emotion regulation. The NoHoW trial tests the efficacy of a theoretically informed, evidence-based digital...
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