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Abstract Community coalitions have the potential to catalyze important changes in the health and well-being of populations. The authors demonstrate how communities can benefit from a multisector coalition to conduct a community-wide surveillance, coordinate activities, and monitor health and wellness interventions. Data from Summit County, Ohio are presented that illustrate how this approach can be framed and used to impact community health positively across communities nationwide. By jointly sh...
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ABSTRACT. Background. Stair falls are commonamong young children and are also common false histo-ries in cases of child abuse. When a child presents with afemur fracture and a stair-fall history, a judgment ofplausibility must be made. A lack of objective injury andbiomechanical data makes plausibility determinationmore difficult. Our objective was to characterize keyfeatures associated with femur fractures from reportedstair falls, to develop a model for assessing injury plau-sibility (IP). Met...
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Purpose: Almost 17% of the US population exhibits a major depressive disorder in their lifetimes. Prevalence data show that whites experience depression earlier than African Americans, and women have a higher prevalence than men. Less is known regarding depression among underserved minority populations. The goal of our study was to examine the relationship of depression and associated self-reported conditions in participants enrolled in a community-based research registry, a substantial number o...
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Antigen-specific T-cells, which express CD154 rapidly, but remain untested in alloimmunity, were measured with flow cytometry in 16-hour MLR of 58 identically-immunosuppressed children with liver transplantation (LTx), to identify Rejectors (who had experienced biopsyproven rejection within 60 days post-transplantation). Thirty one children were sampled once, cross-sectionally. Twenty seven children were sampled longitudinally, pre-LTx, and at 1–60 and 61–200 days after LTx. Results were correla...
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Background:Thrombocytopenia-associated multiple organ failure (TAMOF) is a poorly understood syndrome in critically ill children. A disintegrin and metalloprotease with thrombospondin motifs (ADAMTS-13), formerly known as von Willebrand factor (VWF) cleaving protease, is decreased in adults with VWF
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