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Educational reforms are attempts to transform and reconstitute conceptions of knowledge, the practice of teaching and the forms of subjectivity associated with being a teacher, pupil, and parent. W ...
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There is a need to educate a range of professionals in caring for individuals with long-term mental disability who reside within our communities. Empathy alone is insufficient. The Kognus 4-Step Education Program was developed to achieve this goal. The program consisted of independent courses, including an 18-session basic course on psychiatric disability (on-site or online), advanced courses, and highly specialized training programs (Nidotherapy/Peer Consultation). Experts lectured together wit...
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En professionsutbildning utmarks av en spanning mellan teoretisk kunskap och praktisk yrkeskunskap. Vi vet dock inte mycket om hur en professionsutbildning bast utformas for att forbereda studenter ...
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ABSTRACTIn this article we analyze public sector change as a profoundly constructed phenomenon – as performative reforms. Public sector reforms, of which policy processes are an integral part, are constituted and realized through long chains of interventions. Communicative–discursive interventions posit and constitute problems as real and important, while technocratic interventions, such as plans, analyses, and schemes construct new imagined worlds for possible and attractive instrumental soluti...
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In Swedish emergency departments, various initiatives have been introduced in order to reduce long waiting times for patients: lean methods, targets for waiting times related to revenues, interprofessional teams, and different forms of triage systems. This study focuses on the physicians’ views on dilemmas related to these interventions. The study is based on the interviews with 14 physicians in four emergency departments. The interviews have been analysed thematically and presented in the form ...
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De flesta manniskor tillbringar en stor del av sina liv med att forvarvsarbeta. Arbetet och dess egenskaper paverkar den fysiska och psykiska halsan, manniskors livskvalite och arbetsgladje. Men pe ...
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Lakare i akutsjukvard ar en egen basspecialitet sedan 2015. En ny specialitet och stor efterfragan pa akutlakare innebar en omstallning for akutmottagningarna, sjukhusen och gangse utbildningssyste ...