Hugo A. Katus
Heidelberg University
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The differentiated assessment of functional parameters besides morphological changes is essential for the evaluation of prognosis in systemic immunoglobulin light chain (AL) amyloidosis. Seventy-four subjects with AL amyloidosis and presence of late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) pattern typical for cardiac amyloidosis were analyzed. Long axis strain (LAS) and myocardial contraction fraction (MCF), as well as morphological and functional markers, were measured. The primary endpoint was death, whil...
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Last.Sven T. Pleger (Heidelberg University)H-Index: 26
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Purpose Cognitive impairment and reduced quality of life is a common condition in patients with heart failure (HF). Percutaneous mitral valve repair using (PMVR) MitraClip (MC) has emerged as a promising interventional tool, reducing all-cause mortality and hospitalization as well as increasing cognitive functioning and quality of life. However, the benefit of HF patients with severely depressed cognitive functioning remains unknown.
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Last.Derliz Mereles (Heidelberg University)H-Index: 24
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Recordings of aortic root movement represent one of the first accomplishments of ultrasound in medicine and mark the beginning of functional cardiac imaging. However, the underlying mechanism is not completely understood. Since the aortic root is directly connected to the cardiac skeleton we hypothesize, that the amplitude of systolic aortic root motion (SARM) may be mainly caused by displacement of the cardiac base towards the apex and might therefore be used as measure of left ventricular long...
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Last.Patrick A. Schweizer (University Hospital Heidelberg)H-Index: 22
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HCN channels underlie the depolarizing funny current (If) that contributes importantly to cardiac pacemaking. If is upregulated in failing and infarcted hearts, but its implication in disease mechanisms remained unresolved. We generated transgenic mice (HCN4tg/wt) to assess functional consequences of HCN4 overexpression-mediated If increase in cardiomyocytes to levels observed in human heart failure. HCN4tg/wt animals exhibit a dilated cardiomyopathy phenotype with increased cellular arrhythmoge...
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#2Farbod Sedaghat-Hamedani (Heidelberg University)H-Index: 15
Last.Benjamin Meder (Stanford University)H-Index: 3
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Background Left ventricular non-compaction has been increasingly diagnosed in recent years. However, it is still debated whether non-compaction is a pathological condition or a physiological trait. In this meta-analysis and systematic review, we compare studies, which investigated these two different perspectives. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive overview on the clinical outcome as well as genetic background of left ventricular non-compaction cardiomyopathy in adult patients.
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Diabetes mellitus (DM) and abnormal glucose metabolism are associated with cardiovascular (CV) disease. We investigated the prevalence and prognostic importance of dysglycaemia in patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS) in the PLATelet inhibition and patient Outcomes (PLATO) trial. Diabetes was defined as known diabetes or HbA1c ≥ 6.5% or non-fasting glucose ≥ 11.1 mmol/L on admission, prediabetes as HbA1c ≥ 5.7% but < 6.5%, and no diabetes as HbA1c < 5.7%. The primary endpoint was the comp...
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Last.Michael M. Kreusser (Heidelberg University)H-Index: 15
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Background Ventricular assist devices (VAD) are increasingly used as long-term treatment for advanced heart failure. However, survival after VAD implantation is still unsatisfactory, and no specific outpatient follow-up algorithms have been formally established. Here, we evaluate the effect of an intensified follow-up protocol (IFUP) on survival rates and VAD-associated complications.
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Last.Hugo A. Katus (University Hospital Heidelberg)H-Index: 99
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Mechanosensitive hTREK-1 two-pore-domain potassium (hK2P2.1) channels give rise to background currents that control cellular excitability. Recently, TREK-1 currents have been linked to the regulation of cardiac rhythm as well as to hypertrophy and fibrosis. Even though the pharmacological and biophysical characteristics of hTREK-1 channels have been widely studied, relatively little is known about their posttranslational modifications. This study aimed to evaluate whether hTREK-1 channels are N-...