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Lee et al. (2015) suggest the concept of information system (IS) artefact as an alternative to information technology (IT) artefact, defining the former as a system of an IT artefact, an information artefact and a social artefact. This paper assesses this suggestion, contrasting it with the concepts of IT artefact and IS application as introduced in the prior IS literature. After this conceptual analysis, the paper discusses the relationships between an IS artefact and design and between an IS a...
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#1Juhani Iivari (University of Oulu)H-Index: 29
This paper analyzes the concept of “emergence” in the context of information systems (IS) and discusses its implications to IS research. The analysis shows that this literature assumes emergence to be an outcome of exogenous, although, complex design agency, largely omitting endogenous emergence, rising from the complexity of the information system and its operational interaction with its environment. Reflecting the IS perspective, the paper reviews research on endogenous emergence conducted esp...
Peer reviewing is critical in the process of legitimizing new scientific knowledge. Yet, there are concerns about its quality, especially if one considers developmental reviewing as an ideal. The present essay suggests three ways to improve review quality: provide reviewers with systematic feedback about their performance, reward active and good reviewers, and make reviewers more accountable by revealing their identities to the authors on certain conditions.
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The notions of immigration and social integration have increasingly become central themes in public discourse,particularly in the European Union. Besides opportunities, this phenomenon also poses challenges to the host nations of promoting social integration of immigrants. Continuing an earlier Design Science Research project that developed an open learning platform for Civic Orientation in Sweden, this paper attempts to extend this platform using Jurgen Habermas' Theory of Communicative Action ...
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This paper distinguishes and contrasts two design science research strategies in information systems. In the first strategy, a researcher constructs or builds an IT meta-artefact as a general solution concept to address a class of problem. In the second strategy, a researcher attempts to solve a client’s specific problem by building a concrete IT artefact in that specific context and distils from that experience prescriptive knowledge to be packaged into a general solution concept to address a c...
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In this paper, I analyze the history of IS research through the lens of 409 highly cited papers (i.e., papers with at least 100 Reuters Thompson Web of Science citations) published between 1975 and 1999. I focus on 1) what these highly cited papers are, 2) what they study, 3) who their authors are, and 4) where they were published.
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Jan 1, 2015 in ICIS (International Conference on Information Systems)
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One of the prevailing views is that technology-based IT assets do not have the potential for sustainable competitive advantage because they are usually not rare and can be easily acquired by competitors. However, previous RBV-based research on the competitive potential of IT has paid inadequate attention to IT applications, which are a combination of application software and (digital) information content. Conducting an RBV-inspired analytical-argumentative evaluation, we challenge this view and ...
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