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Are those with a high-quest orientation to religion less likely to help a person if that person s behavior violates their values of open-mindedness and tolerance? If so, is it because they have antipathy toward the person or toward the behavior? To answer these questions, sixty undergraduate women were given the opportunity to help either of two same-sex peers win a monetary prize. About one peer, they knew nothing; from the other, they had received two self-disclosing notes. The first note eith...
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Current need and vulnerability are two different forms of need. Integrating (a) cognitive-appraisal theories of emotion with (b) a view of human parental nurturance as emotionally based and cognitively generalizable, this article proposes that these two forms of need elicit distinct empathic emotions: Vulnerability evokes feelings of tenderness, whereas current need evokes feelings of sympathy. Results of two experiments support this proposal. Vulnerable targets elicited tenderness even when the...
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Introduction Part I: A Theory of Altruistic Motivation 1. The Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis 2. Antecedents of Empathic Concern 3. Behavioral Consequences of Empathy-Induced Altruism Part II: Empirical Evidence 4. Turning to Experiments 5. Testing the Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis 6. Two Further Challenges to the Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis Part III: Altruism in Action 7. Benefits of Empathy-Induced Altruism 8. Liabilities 9. Toward a Pluralism of Prosocial Motives-and a More Humane Society Summary a...
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