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ABSTRACTThis article focuses on credit consumption and increasing debt among Danish young adults by viewing this as closely related to new cultural concepts of money in credit based markets. Along with deregulation of financial markets and the introduction of new forms of credit, most OECD countries have in recent years witnessed a change in consumers’ financial practices including an increasing role of credit in consumption. Young people seem particularly likely to obtain credit and to get into...
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Abstract Occupational health and safety management (OHSM) systems certified according to OHSAS 18,001 are gaining importance. A key element in OHSAS 18,001 is third party audits. Psychosocial risks are only briefly mentioned in the standard, and the question therefore remains whether audits in practice cover these risks to a sufficient extent. The article provides a first answer to this question through a study of the whole value chain from accreditation of certification bureaus to the subsequen...
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Anti-consumption literature focuses on consumers’ reasons for avoiding certain products or brands emphasizing consumers’ symbolic and/or political reasons for avoidance. Consumers’ choices have assumedly been voluntary. In contrast, this article discusses anti-consumption as a less explicitly political but also less voluntary form of anti-consumption, termed non-consumption. The empirical data consist of nine in-depth interviews with Danish pregnant women and new mothers regarding potentially ‘r...
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Abstract Psychosocial risks are widely recognized as a major challenge at work, a challenge that most organizations find difficult to manage in practice. The OHSAS 18001 standard provides a framework for the management of occupational health and safety risks, including psychosocial risks. However, such occupational health and safety management (OHSM) systems tend to have difficulties in adequately addressing psychosocial risks at work. A crucial element in the OHSM system is internal audits. We ...
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Purpose - – The purpose of this paper is to investigate how trade unions may address the questions of inclusion of vulnerable employees in low-wage “anchored” sectors in the European Union. Design/methodology/approach - – The findings presented in the paper are mainly results of the analysis of stakeholder policies and strategies on the national level and on the European level, including both desk research and interviews with social partner representatives and other experts in the sectors as wel...
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