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This paper reports on a qualitative study that used focus groups to gather data from the perspective of child protection workers on their experiences in providing services to clients with limited English proficiency (LEP). The goals of the study were to understand processes of relationship building and service provision that could contribute to improved practice. Focus groups are ideal in obtaining data on how a group deals with particular situations and for understanding their decision-making p...
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#1Ramona Alaggia (U of T: University of Toronto)H-Index: 21
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Newcomer and immigrant clients with limited language abilities face communication barriers that can compromise their capacity to make informed decisions about themselves and their children with serious implications for their families. These clients most likely had high proficiency of language in their country of origin but are learning the language of the new host country. Using a phenomenological design to elicit descriptions from and interpret experiences of Canadian-helping professionals, we ...
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With the questioning of the neutral objective researcher, reflexivity has jumped to the forefront of qualitative research, thus positioning the embodied researcher within the research process. In its power to reveal tacit embodied social structures, reflexivity is touted as the hallmark of methodological validation while also being described as a messy process, particularly in participatory research. In this article, we use illustrative examples from our participatory research exploring the heal...
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In a world where violence and healing are posited as oppositional, critical youth studies, youth work practitioners, and human rights and social justice activists often locate themselves on the healing side of the divide, shedding light on the suffering and alleviating the pain of the violence. However, current theoretical developments prompt us to critically engage this oppositional binary constructed between violence and healing. We have come to a crossroads where we can no longer innocently p...
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In this study we explore the strategies used by older women to cope with their ill health, in order to provide insight into how they might be drawn to use modern health services. We used qualitative methods to collect data from 17 older women living in Bibirchar Union, Sherpur District, Bangladesh. Participants reported that they utilized both emotion-focused and problem-focused strategies, and that many of these were faith-based. Health policymakers need to acknowledge these strategies in the d...
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Partnership and principles of self-determination, equity, and social justice are keys to community-based participatory research that aims to break down barriers between the researchers and researched. Because community partners are valued as equal contributors to the research project, research advisory groups consisted of members of the community researched are essential to this approach. We discuss the challenges that arose in our first meeting with research advisory group members, where discus...
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Ethno‐racial minority families who come in contact with child protection services face unique challenges that include different ideas about appropriate child rearing practices, possibly different definitions of child maltreatment, the possibility of racial biases and service provision that does not address their particular needs. Ethno‐racial minority immigrants encounter additional barriers to services associated with the challenges of settlement in a new cultural environment. Although consider...
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