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Abstract Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has a negative impact on muscle mass, and reduces patient's mobility and autonomy. Furthermore, RA is associated with metabolic comorbidities, notably in lipid homeostasis by unknown mechanisms. To understand the links between the loss in muscle mass and the metabolic abnormalities, arthritis was induced in male Sprague Dawley rats (n = 11) using the collagen-induced arthritis model. Rats immunized with bovine type II collagen were compared to a control group o...
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Resume Objectifs analyser les facteurs associes a la fatigue en se focalisant sur les comorbidites dans une importante cohorte de patients atteints de polyarthrite rhumatoide (PR). Methodes des analyses transversales ont ete realisees sur les patients atteints de PR de l’etude longitudinale francaise COMEDRA, un programme realise par des infirmiers sur la prise en charge des comorbidites. La fatigue a ete evaluee par la question no 3 du score RAID (Rheumatoid Arthritis Impact of Disease) sur une...
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The increased cardiovascular risk in RA (rheumatoid arthritis) cannot be explained by common quantitative circulating lipid parameters. The objective of the study was to characterize the modifications in HDL phosphosphingolipidome in patients with RA to identify qualitative modifications which could better predict the risk for CVD. Nineteen patients with RA were compared to control subjects paired for age, sex, BMI, and criteria of metabolic syndrome. The characterization of total HDL phosphosph...
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Abstract Objectives: To assess factors influencing the choice and effectiveness of biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) following failure of rituximab (RTX) in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), taking patient profile into account. Methods: In a retrospective, multicenter study, data about RA patients starting a new biologic during the year after RTX discontinuation were collected at baseline (when the biologic was introduced after RTX), and during follow-up (3, 6, and 12 months). C...
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Abstract Introduction: Higher cardiovascular risk found in rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis is largely due to systemic inflammation. In osteoarthritis (OA), occurrence of systemic inflammation has already been sometimes reported, but the possible association between OA and increased cardiovascular risk remains unclear. In this meta-analysis, we aimed to assess the incidences of myocardial infarction (MI) and stroke, and the cardiovascular risk factors in OA patients. Methods: We searc...
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Resume Les manifestations musculaires induites par les statines sont tres heterogenes dans leur frequence et leur gravite allant de simples myalgies a CPK normales ou d’elevations asymptomatiques des CPK jusqu’aux rhabdomyolyses et myosites necrosantes auto-immunes qui peuvent etre fatales. Pour la majorite des patients, il s’agit de myalgies avec une elevation moderee des CPK. Elles surviennent generalement dans le mois qui suit l’introduction ou l’augmentation de posologie et doivent regresser...
The paper by Ferdowsi et al , reported a 23-item composite damage index to quantify organ damage in systemic sclerosis (SSc).1 In this index, sicca symptoms (item 3) play an important role (weight score=3). Actually, sicca symptoms are frequently reported by patients with SSc (7.5%–68%) and could be due to a fibrosis process of the salivary glands (SGs).2–4 In recent years, ultrasonography (US) of the parotid and submandibular glands has been widely used for identifying SG modifications in patie...
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Resume Le vieillissement s’accompagne d’une diminution des performances musculaires en rapport avec une diminution de la masse et de la qualite musculaire, et des alterations de la transmission neuromusculaire. Les mecanismes sont complexes et interdependants associant baisse de l’activite physique, apports protidiques insuffisants, resistance anabolique postprandiale, insulinoresistance, lipotoxicite, facteurs endocrines, dysfonction mitochondriale, denervation musculaire, inflammation. Les com...
Background Modifications in ultrasonographic aspect of major salivary glands have been reported in patients with primary Sjogren Syndrom (pSS) with good diagnostic accuracy. Sicca symptoms are frequently observed in Systemic sclerosis (SSc). Objectives To assess the ultrasonographic echostructure of major salivary glands in patients with SSc and compare the modifications with those of patients with pSS or controls with sicca symptoms. Methods We performed a monocentre case-control study between ...