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In the face of rapid global change it is imperative to preserve geodiversity for the overall conservation of biodiversity. Geodiversity is important for understanding complex biogeochemical and physical processes and is directly and indirectly linked to biodiversity on all scales of ecosystem organization. Despite the great importance of geodiversity, there is a lack of suitable monitoring methods. Compared to conventional in-situ techniques, remote sensing (RS) techniques provide a pathway towa...
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Abstract The capacity of soils to store organic carbon represents a key function of soils that is not only decisive for climate regulation but also affects other soil functions. Recent efforts to assess the impact of land management on soil functionality proposed that an indicator- or proxy-based approach is a promising alternative to quantify soil functions compared to time- and cost-intensive measurements, particularly when larger regions are targeted. The objective of this review is to identi...
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Soil plays a central role in the functioning of terrestrial systems. This role is at risk given the enormous loss of soil through desertification and degradation amounting to 12 million hectares per year [1].
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Measurements of root-zone soil moisture across spatial scales of tens to thousands of meters have been a challenge for many decades. The mobile application of Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing (CRNS) is a promising approach to measure field soil moisture non-invasively by surveying large regions with a ground-based vehicle. Recently, concerns have been raised about a potentially biasing influence of local structures and roads. We employed neutron transport simulations and dedicated experiments to quant...
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The central importance of soil for the functioning of terrestrial systems is increasingly recognized. Critically relevant for water quality, climate control, nutrient cycling and biodiversity, soil provides more functions than just the basis for agricultural production. Nowadays, soil is increasingly under pressure as a limited resource for the production of food, energy and raw materials. This has led to an increasing demand for concepts assessing soil functions so that they can be adequately c...
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Eine wesentliche Voraussetzung fur eine nachhaltige Bodennutzung ist die Beurteilung der Wirkung von Bodennutzungsmasnahmen auf Bodenfunktionen. Als solche betrachten wirdie Produktion von Biomasse, die Speicherung von Wasser und Kohlenstoff, die Filterung von Wasser und die Funktion des Bodens als Lebensraum fur Organismen. Um den Einfluss von Masnahmen der Bodennutzung auf diese Funktionen vorhersagenzu konnen ist ein umfassendes Verstandnis von Bodenprozessen unabdingbar. Unser Ansatz ist die...